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You have just made the first step in your discovery of the exclusive HEX TOYS range of collectibles. Each figure has a limited number of editions minted, making them rare and exclusive. These figures are based on HEX.COM community members, social media influencers and other very interesting people! They will be collected for many years to come.

How it works: A certain number for each figure is minted, when they sell out, the vinyl figures will go into physical production. They can be later be claimed for delivery, after which they can be held, traded, or even played with!

Not only do you get the NFT you can prove you own the physical collectible like a certificate you also get the physical collectible to admire. Owning HEX TOYS NFT's gets you in the special membership portal where a whole bunch of goodies can be accessed (THIS IS COMING SOON)

Continue to explore the site and discover how we have leveraged the new PulseChain network to make collecting faster and considerably cheaper than the Ethereum network but with all the benefits + tons more features.

HEX TOYS have been an influential force in the DeFi space since 2019, onboarding hundreds of thousands of users into the very best financial products and platforms. HEX TOYS are known for running significant giveaways, developing Apps for UniSwap and launching a series of exclusive HEX NFTs and physical collectibles for the HEXican community.

Owners can claim physical boxed vinyl collectibles!

Made in limited quantities. When they all sell out, these rare collectibles go in to production

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The 1st marketplace on PulseChainCollect & claim faster & cheaper than ever before!


Energy Efficient
Fee Burning
Ethereum Fork +
Biggest Airdrop In History

Richard Heart

So far..

16K+ Telegram Members

We have a dedicated community of loyal members, growing bigger everyday.

Given away over $150K in prizes

Since June 2020 we have run many giveaways now worth over $150K!

1M AppStore Combined Downloads

Global downloads across the PlayStore and AppStore

1st Marketplace to support HEX Payments

Our store was the first to accept HEX! and reinvested all the proceeds back into the community.

2500+ TrustPilot Reviews

Rated 4.7 we have tons of positive reviews!

12.7K Twitter Followers

30K+ Instagram
We have amassed a large social media following and its growing.

What is HEX?

HEX is the worlds 1st blockchain time deposit founded by Richard Heart which launched in late 2019, HEX is a huge cut above the rest, it has the very best features and has sparked a recent revolution. Learn more..

HEX.com Chain

Get Staker Today!

The greatest way to get started earning with HEX

Earn Trust-less Interest

Lock your funds into digital contracts and get rewarded.

Users are rewarded based on how long they lock their funds for.

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Access decentralized finance and discover great opportunities.

This is supported by a new technology called blockchain.

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For everyone


  • SILVER HEX TOYS Membership NFT
  • Access to the members portal
  • Enter competitions & giveaways
  • HEX FORCE Merchandise Lifetime Store Discount
  • + More Features Being Released Soon


For members who want a bit more
$39 One-Off


  • GOLD HEX TOYS Membership NFT
  • Access to members portal
  • HEX FORCE Merchandise Lifetime Store Discount
  • Enter competitions & giveaways
  • Claimable HEX TOYS X HEX FORCE Merchandise Welcome Pack
  • Early Access to NFT's
  • HEX, ETH, PULSE, VISA, MasterCard Accepted
  • + More Features Being Released Soon
  • All HEX TOYS EarlyBird NFT Holders Qualify*


$369 One-Off


  • Access to ALL areas of the members portal
  • Ability to enter competitions & giveaways
  • 1st To Receive Airdrops
  • Early Access to NFT's
  • HEX TOYS Music Video + Song (MP4, WAV)
  • Exclusive "HEX TOYS X Kauffman" 3 Watch Roll Hexagon Shaped Case
  • Claimable HEX TOYS X HEX FORCE Merchandise
  • + More Features Being Released Soon
  • All Gold & Platinum Egg Holders Qualify*

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Meet collectors, ask questions, get support.

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“Hell yeah HEX TOYS that's awesome!”

Hexologist | Daily HEX Doctor

“Hahahahahah Amazing!”

Funding Gym

“You have a huge heart, Providing opportunity is the best you can offer in this world. It makes better outcomes and I am glad to be friends with men of character like you”

Funding Gym
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“A very special shoutout to a few incredible people who donated so much of their time and funds. They helped onboard thousands of users !!”

Motley Investor on HEX TOYS

“HEX TOYS you don't hear it enough but ty for everything you've done for the community.  A lot of it is behind the scenes and most will never know how much you've really done for us. I will always be grateful for the blood, sweat, and tears you've put in. Ty you brother in arms!”

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